Friday, October 06, 2006

Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors
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Well today is a bit overcast but I'm ready to race off with Ginnie and Donica for a great time.

We've got reservations tonight where P and I had our wedding reception last year. The place is so quaint with incredible food.

Over the weekend, I plan on taking more photos so overall I'm going to be on cloud nine no matter what.

As well, photo class consisted of learning about studio lighting and tripods. Sort of neat. Here's a piece of what I learned.

Since most of us don't have "professional" lighting for photographing, use a window. With the window, take a white piece of large cardboard and put it to the side of a person or under a persons chin. This would be out of the focal area of course. You can also change lighting through small filters. Everyone is now changing age lines in photoshop to get rid of all of those unwanted blemishes...

So It's not a big hint but really it was so useful to see the difference a white piece of cardboard made!

Have a great weekend!

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