Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bloggers Meet

Friday was a very exciting day for me. I finally got to meet Ginnie and Donica. And let me tell you, it was well worth the wait! Although we were together about 8 hours, I could have had a thousand more! Donica played chauffeur as I played navigator and Ginnie as official photographer. It was a perfect match...

We started out here in North Vancouver at our apartment. Then we jetted off to Lynn Valley where I pointed out some of the sites of where I live including views of down town Vancouver. First we headed for a quick tour of the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge and a view of our back yard paradise. It's a bit smaller than the Capilano Bridge which I would like to visit when I have more time to enjoy the Harvest Festival. Yes there are many sites in or near Vancouver which I have never visited. I'd rather do it when I've got friends in town to play tour guide with!

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
The above pic is of the Lynn Canyon Bridge.
Ginnie and I went to the center to check out the water fall.
It's smaller than Capilano but it's just as beautiful.

Vancouver By Night

A look at our view, after eating lunch at the Lonsdale Quay (pronounced Key).
I took this pic on a different day however. We did not have all too much time to look around so we just looked at the city and were off to the other side of town.
More pics here.

The Waterfront

After a quick lunch we were on our way off to Stanley Park.

Lost Lagoon

Then a look at down town with Inukshuks.
This is the lifesize statue which just borders Stanley Park.
It's also where you can see many of the July Fireworks.
We also had to go visit the Bronze Statues in Queen Elizabeth Park.
The sun was going down so the pics weren't as exciting. But it was nice to be back to where P and I had our wedding. Donica and Ginnie could see why we fell in love with the venue.
A Beautiful Day
I'm sure Ginnie will have many more photos for you.
I've got many to come too. Tonight I wished I could stop over the Lions Gate Bridge to take a few photos as the sunset was more than perfect.
And you all know how much I love sunsets.

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