Monday, October 09, 2006

Busy All Over Again

This holiday weekend was in short, busy. It went a little like this.
  1. Friday - Leave, lunch, photograph, tour, eat, go home.
  2. Sat - Leave, photograph, walk, more photos, get hungry, go home, eat.
  3. Sun - Leave, forget to eat lunch, visit IKEA, wish I had camera in tow, eat a wonderful dinner but never notice we are sitting across from Steve Darling, miss not having camera to photograph the most perfect evening landscape.
  4. Mon - Leave, eat Thanksgiving dinner with P's aunt, visit gardens, photograph to my delight, photograph more, go home.

Do you see a theme somewhere??? Photography possibly...

Now I've gotta sort it all out for you to enjoy. So bare with me but I should have some new photos up soon. The first one so far is posted on Flickr. Talk about a great weekend for photos.

I do hope everyone enjoyed Columbus Day. It was really nice to have 4 busy days off.

Autumn Trees

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