Thursday, October 19, 2006

Some Tidbits

I've run across a few interesting tidbits this week so I might as well mention them.

  1. The Dove Evolution Video is out. It's an incredible, elapsed 10 hour, look at how unreal the media portrays women and models in general. Billboards get photoshopped too! I guess I began learning this from Flickr too. It's definitely opened my eyes. But why do many of us still want to look overly perfect??

  2. Some time ago, I found a great Travel Blog which is both humorous and informative. This couple rocks and is very humorous! They happen to mention things like Avril and boobs and find people visiting their sight because of such names. They display their photos on flickr too. I'm secretly inspiring to get back to this type of life.

  3. GL found my solution to my winter blues. Why not have a sunrise alarm clock. Thanks GL, now I'll just have to figure out when and where I can get it!

  4. I think my blues have also been coupled by the news that I get to wait 3 months before more contact with immigration. That makes it over a year right now in the waiting. Not a fun experience. If anyone is reading and considering Canadian Immigration, go outside not inside! It takes too long, among other problems I'm not faced with.

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