Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm Done

Most of you knew I was taking a photo class. Well that class finally ended on Tuesday with a photo contest. I didn't enter my photos because I felt mine were sub-par. I was probably wrong as usual but I just didn't like the shots I had. The winner got an autographed poster photo from 1992ish which our instructor took of the Vancouver Canucks in black and white.

I've found two that I might have entered. Actually they are the only two I can find right now.
Colors of the Night Two Shadows

Maybe I should have been more confident but I wasn't because everyone in my class was shooting great landscape photos. I think we all still need to improve taking people shots. There's a lot that goes into a shot.

Some points to think about when you are shooting people are
  1. Timing - the time of day, how much light you are giving your subject.
  2. Good Timing - what type of reaction are you getting from your subject?
  3. Background subjects - do you have an interesting background you are using?
  4. Comfortability of subject - How does your subject feel around you? Are they enjoying themselves?
  5. Lighting - Is there enough natural light? If not, use props to improve this?
  6. Bring in the details you see in a good photograph always. What I mean by this is if you had seen dew on flower and you want that same dew, make it.
  7. Take your Time!
I'd also recommend watching or renting a few video's if it is possible about photography. We did this in every class. Although these videos were from the 80's, they were still very valuable information wise.

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