Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stanley Park Closed

The wind storm which hit the West Coast Friday morning devastated many older trees throughout the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. The hurricane strength winds, which hit the area around Vancouver the hardest, were most devastating in Stanley Park. The park lost a lot of it's beautiful trees, enough to close the park for possibly an entire week! The winds hit up to 150 km per hour at times and probably was what woke us up personally early Friday morning.

I guess just talking about it doesn't serve justice. It is just amazing that we have experienced a storm like this. Our walls were even shaking from the winds! I guess P and I are most thankful that our power never went out, unlike many other locals in our area. This caused major traffic jams and closed many local malls in the area. But the worst area which was hit was actually in Washington State.

It personally affected me because I had to go do another immigration medical exam on Friday. The Lions Gate Bridge was closed and so I had to detour around the area from the Second Narrows Bridge which was completely grid locked. Needless to say, I showed up late to my appointment. But everything went very smoothly and I'm now just waiting for more news for my immigration application.

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