Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bird Watching

Over the weekend, P went out to do some bird watching. It's sort of the best of both worlds because I get to use my camera and P gets to do some bird watching which is something he enjoys. We set off on a cold morning for a tour of The Conservation Area at Maplewood Flats.

My ears kept on ringing Ginnie, Ginnie must be here taking photos too... Well at least that is what I envisioned. The Maplewood flats is in part run by the government but is all open and run via volunteers. It was a fun thing to do once with the group tour but we aren't as serious as most birders and got extremely cold standing out in the snow.

I'm still working on processing those photos, so here are a quick few. The below photo is from a beautiful day last Thursday at Ambleside beach and park.

Doing a Duck Slide
Duck walking at Ambleside

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