Saturday, May 19, 2007

Celebrating a Benchmark

As many people in Canada celebrate the long 3 day weekend, I wanted to stop and share a bit of our own news as a benchmark will finally come to a close soon.

The letter from Canadian Immigration for Decision Made finally came in the mail on Friday. Yes it took a whopping 4 wks and 1 day to arrive after they had posted the decision had been made into ECAS. We were not worried of any other outcome since I had already been given my work permit and my Approval in Principle back on Dec. 1st, 2006 (1 year after applying).

What was very fishy is that they told me the decision had been made back on Nov 28th, 2006, which is pretty impossible. Now anyone doing the math knows that a first decision can't be made after a second decision but they sure think they can time warp back into the past!

The interview is set up for the beginning of June so it's about 3 more weeks to wait. It should be very uneventful and take a few minutes time, I hope. After that point, I have to wait another month or so to get my permanent resident card in the mail before I'm aloud to travel via plane.

If I'm not mistaken, I'm aloud to travel via border crossings into the States. We will be making a trip down to California to get all of my goods to follow list ready since we do things backwards here in Canada and I can't go down there to take inventory before landing in Vancouver. Well technically I could, but I couldn't get back into the country.. We haven't decided our mode of transport yet but we are actually leaning towards driving instead of flying.. All depends on vacation days we will take.

So as Queen Victoria celebrates her birthday this long 3 day weekend on Monday for Victoria Day, we celebrate our good news of things to follow. Please feel free to see what I wrote last year for this holiday from the 2006 Victoria Day post.