Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dinner at Bowen

Last night, we decided to take the ferry over to Bowen Island and make an evening of it. Bowen is a small island 20 minutes ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay on the North Shore of Vancouver (West Vancouver). There are many great hiking trails on Bowen Island, and lots of area to go kayaking, to enjoy nature or to spend a relaxing weekend free from normal hectic life.

We started off by me wanting to take a few photos with P's little 2mg pixel Cannon.
Be sure to click to see the larger views of these photos.

Enjoying the Horseshoe Bay views on an overcast day.
We were leaving and noticed all of the clear cutting for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.
What a sad site! The new highway to Whistler will be in the bare areas as they were too cheap to build tunnels to preserve the beautiful land, animals and nature.

I decided to Pose for a photo since I never do.

We walked around the Island a bit before having dinner and noticed this sign for the BLIND.
The sign Reads: Caution - Camp for the blind near by. Pedestrians may be blind.
(Great and how are they supposed to read this sign???)

Then I got really hungry and didn't care about photos until we had a 1.5 hr wait for the ferry.
But you can check out a few more of Bowen Island or the local map site.

Which direction do you want to go? Eat food or go see Bowen. This is the main street of the Island.

Saying Goodbye to a wonderful dinner with friends. They are all camera shy so no pics were taken. We are waiting at the ferry doc to go back home. Unfortunately we had to wait an extra hour to get back because the ferry doesn't leave at 7pm on Saturday evenings. ** A good tip!

Today is the dog days of summer there. Should be a fun time with many dogs all around.

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