Monday, September 24, 2007

The Fall Festival

As we welcomed in Fall yesterday, North Vancouver actually celebrated with a Fall Festival. I say actually because festivals are like blue moons here in Vancouver, they seldom happen!

One thing that I miss a lot about Switzerland are the many festivals. Most European cities have festivals for every occasion. It's one easy way to wear away the blues and to enjoy what your village or city has to offer. You'd think people this way would take notice, but that's not really the case.

Here in Vancouver, festivals are quite minimal and are never "that" advertised. In advertising, I'm talking about putting up signs on store windows, having people tell others via word of mouth. You know enough to get the word out to make you want to go watch and attend that festival.

It was really nice to see Lower Lonsdale bringing in the autumn season, but North Vancouver has much more room to grow and share in the festivals with heart, sole and culture. That is something all of Vancouver really lacks.

For those of you living in Europe, I'm sure you know what I mean.

How many festivals do you attend?
Christmas festival in the street?
Fall festivals?
Summer Festivals.?

Maybe it's just something I don't see as much here because the cities are much bigger.

There was one band at the festival that reminded me of just that. Sorry I didn't take pics, but imagine a 4 year old playing alongside his father in a goofy costume. Talk about cute!

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