Monday, November 19, 2007

Needing A Day Off

Over the weekend, I sat through a course without seeing sunlight. That was difficult to say the least, but 2 days in a row made me sore and stiff.

Yesterday I woke up just as early, but the pay off was much better. I came home as the new British Columbian record holder in the 200m breast (2:52.26), for my age group (30-34). I still got beat by the male next to me by 9 or so seconds. But I bettered my personal best time from last year by 1 second (2:53.49). Now I have 4.5 seconds to shave off to get to the next record (2:47.41). I do have a goal in site..

I wish I could say I have more photos to share, but I'm far too tired to do anything. Maybe by the weekend.

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