Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some Birthday Laughs

My birthday (32) was a lot of fun despite not having seen the sun since Dec 26th.

Why not give you a look at some of the impressions which were left on me as I turned a year older..

A perfect day. Feeling better. Eating with friends. Working out.
And enjoying Photographs.

Enjoyed being surprised by some beautiful photos to enjoy and dream about.

Wishing I'm back traveling again.

Beautiful colors a la Francais. (so I practice)

See how incredible that was! And I didn't even leave North Vancouver.

Sadly I didn't take any photos of our incredible dinner. The starter was an delicious Artichoke, spinach and Swiss Cheese dip that we vow to make at home. Followed by Thai chicken skewers on cabbage tacos dipped in the most incredibly tasting sauces.

See how I felt!

Of course P bent over backwards to spoil me like a queen. :)

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