Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Snow

So if you haven't heard yet, Southern California was actually hit with some white stuff last night. Now that's very rare for Los Angeles to get snow. We were pelted by a bit more of the snow also here in Victoria.

I've been taking a few snap shots along the way, so here are a few of the impressions.

Cold windows from St. Ann's Academy.

A day after the big storm and lots of sunshine.

Tuesday's lovely sunset in Victoria.

Snow and rain at the window yesterday before the 2nd storm really hit.

Morning views with a bit more snow.

Today also just so happens to be my parents wedding anniversary.
I'm thinking it's 37 years!


  1. The snow is sticking around for a few more days. This is awesome, I'd take snow + sunny days over rain any day.

    Hope your parents had a great anniversary.

  2. Happy anniversary to your parents, of course, and isn't that snow in LA just crazy! I lived in Pasadena for 5 years and I'm not sure we saw one snowflake...except on the mountains in the distance!

  3. Snow is natures gift and wonder during the long winter nights for us that live in the North.
    Your photos make me even more than tempted to visit Victoria and Vancouver Islands. You know there are several of Norwegian heritage around in the area. And I understand why, when seeing your pictures: It's like back at home.

  4. That is SO freaky about LA getting snow. Now how often does that happen!?!? For a city/area that freaks out when it rains, can just imagine the snow! The photos are absolutely beautiful, the snow really makes everything look so, Christmasy.