Friday, December 12, 2008

My Favorite Photos

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Here are a few of my favorite photos from Switzerland.
I figured it would be great to see different years of nearly the same photos, so here is my attempt.

Montreux Early Morning

Spring 2003 while living in Switzerland - like below photo

Mar 2008 back visiting Montreux, Switzerland (Same city),
nearly the same location within 1500 meters

Montreux Switzerland Spring 2003

Montreux 2003 Spring

Spring 2008 - A bit more stormy weather
(taken nearly on the same exact spot, and same house.)

Hiking above Interlaken Aug 2005

Hiking Above Interlaken on the same road,
during a much colder Mar 2008 day.


Beautiful summer views of 2005

The same winter views in 2008.
I couldn't even climb over to see the views from the previous photo.

Happy Hunting!


  1. Oh so much beauty in one place. Ever since I saw this program on tv, a travel documentary about interlaken, I wanted to go there. May be someday.

  2. Cool shots. There are so much differences between those visits. :)

  3. No wonder you couldn't choose one favorite. These are wonderful shots!!! all of them!

  4. Fabulous pictures - I can see why they are your favorite. :) Have a great weekend. :)

  5. What a beautiful photos. I can see why they are your favourites. Happy weekend

  6. Now that I've been to Zurich and Basel, I can certainly understand why you like Switzerland, ET!!! I hope I can see more some day.

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

    Happy Weekend.

  8. I know why these are your favorites.

  9. Such beauty. I would so love to b in the places u have been.

  10. That's so great! I love your idea in this series!

    Here's mine:

    Have a great weekend!

  11. wow I like those pictures very beautiful view. Have a nice weekend.

    Mine is here

  12. I can see why this is your favourite place. It is just so beautiful. Have a good weekend Expat.

  13. Such wonderful photos of these beautiful places :)

    My PH:

  14. Wow! Switzerland is so beautiful! I wouldn't want to leave it.

  15. Oh these are lovely! So fun trying to pick out the same landmarks in each other pairs! Great take on the theme. These are beautiful place in all the seasons. And your photos are amazing.

  16. haaa You are making me homesick! Lovely.. gorgeous photos! Beautiful country. Let's run away to CH!

  17. Thank you for your visit to Snap2days! Lovely shots!

  18. Lovely shots. Switzerland in the snow is stunning.

  19. Excellent nature photos. Like taken out of a Quality Tourist Brochure.
    The difference is your photos is better.

  20. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I totally understand why these are your favourites - they're wonderful pics of a wonderful place! :)

  21. Great pics! Switzerland is such a beautiful place, too bad it's so costly over there. :(

  22. Montreux - yeah,
    it's a very special place on plnet earth. Beautiful, as most other places around the lake Leman.

    The last photo is like taken out of an Album of traditional X-Mas Cards.