Friday, March 27, 2009

A Helping Hand

This weeks Theme is Hands
Go to to participate
My hands have been full participating and helping in my local Y-Tri Clinic/Club.
They were all practicing how to transition from one stage to the next, wet!
Sadly my hands won't be touching this camera anymore.  It apparently died on me after returning home to look at these fun photos.  Anyone else have Cannon troubles like that? 


  1. Great take on the theme, love these photos. So sorry about your camera. My Canon is doing fine but it's not very old. good luck!


  2. Great take on the theme, ET!!!
    sorry about your camera...mine isn't a Canon but it hasn't been troublefree...
    happy weekend!

  3. Great photos - sorry to hear about your camera! I need a new one soooo badly.

    Happy Weekend.

  4. Sorry about the camera. Maybe it's asking for a new one :D

    Great take on the theme. I was expecting someone to do "helping hand". Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Great shots. Sorry your Canon has died. I can't comment on this - I use Nikons myself. Happy weekend

  6. Oh dear Ghee,
    I'm living in another time zone.
    But your Hands solution is fantastic.

    Here in Norway, it's still Friday, I participate in our local ABC challenge. This weeks letter is D.
    And I, as usual find an object that in both english and norwegian begins with the same letter.
    Cool challenge I've given myself.

    Have great time

  7. my little pocket Canons seem to last for maybe 2 years tops... I don't know what is with quality anymore, old cameras used to be so reliable for years.

  8. Great take on the theme! :)

  9. Looks like a fun activity you got there. So sorry to hear about your cam. Hope it'll come back to life soon.

  10. Excellent Hand photos and creative to the subject as well.

    No, I have not have had the same problems with Canon cameras. Only the fact my first digital Ixus gives a "Blue-overdose". I do not use that one anymore.
    Now, I use a Canon Power Shot, A Pentax I can use under water and a Nikon D 60. The latter is the one for high quality.

    Have an excellent rest of the weekend

  11. Nice choice for the theme. Creative and different.

    Sorry your camera died. That's really a bummer.

    And sorry I missed stopping by last week for a look at your yellow photo - it's amazing!

  12. Looks like fun time!

    Sorry about the camera, can't help you there.