Sunday, March 22, 2009

Signs of Spring

The weather is finally changing up here in Victoria. We are getting slightly warmer weather and a bit of sunshine in between all of the clouds and wind.

Here are three of my favorite shots from the weekend. Ironically, my camera just quit. There's not one inch of a sign of life to it.. I'm scratching my head wondering... Any tips for a point and shoot Canon???

Click to make larger
spring flowers

Can you spot the lady bug below?

spring treat

Blue skies of spring - finally
Pink and Blues

Now we just can't wait for the warmer weather too!


  1. I've had point & shoots die in the past. On one occasion it was able to be repaired. The other three times, it was just time to buy a new camera.

    Apparently they are designed to take X number of photos over the camera's lifetime. If you use it frequently, that number can be reached in a few years time. Most point & shoot camera owners don't take that many photos and their cameras last for years and years.

  2. Ahhh, I love the cherry blossoms that come out so early in the year in Victoria. Winter is OK, but it's SO nice when spring finally arives and the weather turns really nice.

  3. Looks like you are further ahead than us in spring and it looks lovely! I average about 1 canon point and shoot a year. Most of the time because I drop it but others have been because the mechanism to open the lens died, and once it just wouldn't turn on anymore. I sent a couple in for repairs before and they could fix it but with the hassle, shipping and cost of repair I have just started buying new ones when they die.

  4. Our point and shoot died - just stopped working, but of course past warranty. We took it in and the cost to fix was greater than the cost of a new camera. Hope yours decides to start working again.

  5. Lucky you! There isn't much snow left here (that said, it's prob. gonna snow again as soon as I finish writing this!), but it was - 13C this morning...

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  7. The flowers are beautiful. We got more snow this week so I don't think we'll being seeing any flowers for at least a month.

  8. Would love to purchase the lady bug print off of you. That picture strikes an emotional cord in the heart. Love it.
    Please email if you would even consider it.

  9. Nice to see you really got the taste of spring. We had another snow storm in Oslo, Norway today.

    RennyBA's Terella

  10. Thanks for the comment. By the way I meant to say that I love the lady bug shot. That is so nice. I really love the colors in the bottom shot as well - the pink on the bright blue sky. Lovely.

  11. Hi! Just found your blog (via Correr es mi Destino) and took interest as a Victoria-born person of Swiss descent. I'm in Ottawa now but my parents are active members of the local Swiss group -- if you aren't connected to them let me know and I'll hook you up!

    For the dead point-and-shoot, try wiping the terminals of the battery against your jeans (or use a rough cloth or napkin) in case there's a thin oxidized layer blocking the electricity there. And of course, make sure the battery is charged! ;-)