Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Holidays and an update

Because I live in Canada, we celebrate Good Friday and Easter Monday.  These holidays are the norm in Switzerland and across Europe as well.  In 2002, this was the first year that I was ever aware what Good Friday actually meant.  You see when you do live in the US, many of the holidays do not have much meaning if you have to work on that day.

What are your plans for the weekend?  I plan on biking a lot.  I'm crossing my fingers for sunshine for everyone!  And I do hope to have photos uploaded from spring from my Nikon. 

Other news - My camera is being repaired but it is very expensive.  Apparently an electronic power device inside failed.  Wonderful!  Would you like a new camera or to just pay for it to be refurbished?

I'm also back to running and very sore.  I've committed to my first triathlon when I get back  from California.  I've just wrapped up 2 weeks of coaching the masters group I swim in.  It was a lot of fun but very tiring to do all of that and try to get in some training also at night.

What are your plans for the weekend?   I want to hear!!!


  1. Happy Easter!!! We're taking it easy, thinking of going to the US to see the tulip festival but we'll see.
    Hope your Easter days are fun and filled with lots of yummy chocolates!

  2. Easter Holydays in Norway starts with Maundy Thursday and ends with the last day as Holyday on Monday after Easter.
    Schooles are closed from end of School Friday before Palm Sunday and opens again Tuesday After Easter.

    It means, we here in Norway do have a very long Easter Vacation.

  3. OX has gone to Holland to visit his daughter and parents, but he'll be back tomorrow afternoon. As for me, I was off since yesterday, did some groceries and plan to do a bit of gardening and relaxing. The weather here is beautiful and we're expecting average temps of 20+°C all weekend :) Have a great Easter Holiday!

  4. Like Tor says, the hollidays starts on ThorsDay :lol:

    Most people take a week off from Friday before Easter week and the hollidays doesn't end before the second day of Easter (on Monday).

    We where in Brussels last weekend. From Monday we've been in our vacation home in Sweden to open the golf season. Today we go back to Oslo, Norway and then there is this Easter Bunny Egg hunt on Sunday you know.

    Happy Easter to you and P.

  5. The kids have today and Monday off. Friends for dinner tonight, t-ball and gymnastics, an egg hunt with friends/family, and a visit by the Easter Bunny - that's the plan here. Hope you have some nice weather this weekend and Happy Easter!

  6. I hope you have nice weather and can get out with your bike!

    Me. I have to stay in because of the medication I am finishing up this weekend. I can't go in the sunlight. :(

  7. My Easter Holiday:
    Cycling, cycling, cycling. It's gorgeous weather here in Switzerland!