Friday, April 03, 2009

Road Stripes

This weeks Theme is Stripes
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Seeing my mini camera is out commission, I'm going into archives.

Vitznau Switzerland

Lots of stripes in this photo along the road, cross walk and side of the road.
Photo is from the town of Vitznau, canton Lucern Switzerland.

My friend was visiting from the US and this is one of the spots we went to visit some time in August of 2003.


  1. I never would have thought of stripes on the road. Great idea and beautiful shot. I'm sorry to hear about your camera.

  2. You got quite an amount of stripes on this pic! Did you know, that if you count each stripe and other mark on the road, plus the normal road signs, Switzerland has a road sign each each 10 inches of road/street?!?

  3. Our zebra stripes are white. Lovely shot for the theme, ET!!

  4. What a beautiful scene that is! Lots of cool stripes. Just wonderful.


  5. Great shot with so many stripes! our crosswalks in teh UK have white stripes and we call them zebra crossings, Happy weekend

  6. Great photo of a typical, nostalgia-inducing Swiss village! Ah, la belle Suisse! I don't think I was ever in Vitznau/LU but I remember plenty of places like this one. What a pleasant, beautiful country! I sure miss it at times.

  7. Beautiful place. Love your striped entry. Very clever.

  8. You never stop surpring me with your creative solutions.

    My Stripes will be posted in about 20 hours.
    So stay tuned. In the meantime, you can have a glance of my ABC - this week E

  9. I just got around to viewing the slideshow of your 165 photos. Beautiful, amazing, stunning! I like how the Westcoast images and the Europe images are mixed together in that random order. Great photography.

  10. Everyone is coming up with some great ideas this week. Happy weekend Expat.

  11. What a beautiful place to visit (or to live in) :D

    Happy weekend!

    My PH:

  12. here I am again.
    I did not actually photgraphed the IBM logo.
    Just scanned it.
    I could have used Fleur de Lisa's photo from the IBM building in Indianapolis, but I found it was more correct to use the scanned.
    We are after all talking about one of the worlds most valuable trademarks and logos.

    btw. We enjoyed the Sunshine from our winterhome balconny this afternoon. With a glass of crispy Chardonnay. The Cats were also outside and they were very eager to smell and play with this seasons first Daffodils ( I may post on Tuesday).
    The Spring is very late this year. I know, as having BD on April 10, from my very first years, I did start to compare:
    Still snow in our garden?
    What flowers in the nearby (2 minutes) forest can I pick?
    Can we make "dams and "rivers" in the road and let our different clored matches compete who would be the fastest over the 3 meter long "river" lane?
    Yeah, that's what we did in the late 40ies and the beginning of the 50ies, when Norway still was a very poor country.

    Have a great time and spring

  13. Switzerland in spring must be a very different experience. How I wish I can go back there. Maybe next time, I can hopefully notice those plenty of stripes down the road.

  14. I KNEW exactly where that was before I saw your writing!

  15. Gorgeous! Love tiny, romantic places backed by huge, towering dramatics that only nature can provide!

  16. Love the picture! I would have thought of stripes on something else. This picture makes me open my eyes to new options!!! It looks like a cute town just to get away for the weekend. Sigh.

  17. Beautiful town. Looks like the weather is getting warmer.

  18. What a pretty picture! So European. ;) I wish I could visit Switzerland someday.

    Definitely a creative take on the stripes theme.

    carey at happy steps travel blog

  19. It looks exactly how I picture la Suisse in my head!