Sunday, May 17, 2009

More from California

As most of you know by now, we did a quick 8 day trip to California. We were in northern California as well as Southern California. We got to meet a blogger, as well as some of my good swim friends, spend some time seeing new sites and then family for my brother's wedding.

Here's a look at some of my favorite pics from the trip.

Our home of Victoria from above. Our home is close the harbor seen in this photo.

Flying into San Francisco was quite interesting seeing all of the wetlands colors, especially this green water. I was so interested in the layout of it all too.

We spent nearly 1 day in the Morro Bay Pismo area. Apparently people think it's a good idea to make the squirrels fat so that they beg for food instead of live life self sufficiently... I just shook my head in disgust.

Morro Rock in the early morning sun.

Down Santa Barbara reminded me of Vancouver's Steam Clock.
The colored buildings here were so beautiful. I'm sure I could have stayed a few hours taking photos but we were there for a walking excursion.

The beach of Santa Barbara from the Pier.

After arriving in Huntington Beach, we gathered and looked at old photos again. P had a blast hearing all of the stories about me.

HB beach Patrol

A trip isn't complete without a shot of a few surfboards.

The venue of my brother's wedding. Mind you that this was during the rain that I took this photo. The grounds were so beautiful. I think it usually rains once in April and it happened to scare us the day before the wedding.

I'll work on editing and getting a few of the better pics up on Redbubble and Flickr.


  1. Wow! I love the pictures!

  2. Great pictures! I love the one of Morro Rock!!!

  3. Awesome pictures, love them. Poor squirrels though, some people are so ignorant and selfish, not thinking about the real consequences...

    Take care, Julie

  4. What lovely pictures from a memorable trip. I'm sure P had a blast hearing all those stories :lol:

    I loved the pics from the plain, but you should have opened the window to get a clearer view!

  5. Like gastown...MINUS THE RAIN AND BUMS! Love the pics though :)

  6. Wonderful variations of photos and landscapes.

  7. What fat squirrels! Those poor things! Ours here have to fight to get to the bird feeders! They picked a beautiful place for a wedding! Glad you had a great time!

  8. Great Picts, ET! I really like the one of Morro Rock. And yeah, California just isn't complete without the surfboards :)

  9. It's good to see where you were, ET. I know it was a good trip with lots of memories.

  10. Wow that Morro Rock makes a fantastic picture!

  11. I have never been to California but would have loved to have seen it at least once. Who knows? Maybe, someday!

    I love all your pics! Morro Rock and surf boards are my favs.

  12. WOW, really great pick, love Moro Rock. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Yepp, Like you I enjoy outdoors, my interest in photography developed lately. Still a beginner :-) Thanks again for your kind words, never expected to experience so much support from allover the world. Hug across the pond

  13. Love the picture from above. Interesting landscape that is so clearly divided. Hope you had a good Monday!

  14. The morro is cool. Arica, in Chile, has one very similar.

    Love the fields taken from above! That is cool, nice shades of green.