Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh Dear

Last weekend, we took a delightful bike ride along the Lochside Trail. I brought my camera in my pack and pulled it out at a delightful moment.

On the way back home we were treated to seeing a mother and her baby fawns just to the right of this scene.

She was taking care of her two fawns.

Look carefully and you will see two in this photo also.

This is a far away view before zooming in on the little guys.

And by far the cutest photo of the bunch.

Have any of you seen babies from 2009 and photographed them?


  1. Sweet! We've seen ducklings, fawns and baby birds but no photos yet. :-)

  2. Boahm, so sweet and such nice pics. Sorry no pictures like that have been taken over here. Looks like you had a fab time anyway. xx

  3. Just peeping by!

    But I your nature shots... amazing shots!


  4. That is so sweet. How lucky you are to have saw them.

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog. As for missing Switzerland you seem to have alot going for you in Canada. If these pics are anything to go by, I would imagine the Canadians in Switzerland are missing Canada....:)

  6. WOW that sounds like a nice bike ride especially seeing those fawns out in the open. We also saw one on our bike ride this weekend. But no young ones. My hubby has the better camera and managed to take a shot before it fleed back between the trees.

  7. i tried to comment here before but the word verification never works from the ship! I recognize that trail.. makes me a little homesick!