Monday, June 15, 2009

Advertising is Everywhere

I wasn't fully aware of how much advertising was in my hometown of Victoria, BC until I went out to hunt for the last photo hunt on advertisement. I was shocked how many signed I found within 7 blocks of where I live.

Here's a collage of what I found with very little effort as I was walking down the street.

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And another assortment of random shots of advertising.

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From Left to Right and down, this is what I snapped. 1. A local tourist shop and bug zoo sign. 2. Liberty Gelato and Ice Cream (they have the worst hours ever 10-4 I think.) 3. A condo Ad 4. Noodle Box - A famous stir fry joint in Victoria. 5. Maps of the city can be found abundantly as well as beautifully designed utility covers. 6. Coast Capital and the Bay Centre. 7. Victoria Transit with an advertisement on the side. 8. McDonald's - Open 24-7.

It's interesting how much I see when I really have a minute to stop and look. Normally I'm riding my bike, running around Victoria or in a lake which doesn't afford my hands to be free enough to snap a photo.


  1. I thought about putting a camera support onto the handlebar.

  2. So much advertising that we dont notice it anymore...

  3. It is amazing how much 'subtle' advertising get passed us without us even noticing it.

  4. Advertising drives me nuts... it's just visual pollution, and we don't even pay attention anymore!

  5. Advertising is EVERYWHERE, like it or not. :(