Saturday, June 27, 2009

Almost time for the Tour

I'm so happy to know the tour will be going through Switzerland this year and nearing Montreux or the surrounding areas where I would bike too. I'm still guessing it will be an exciting tour. The excitement opens on July 1st, Canada day and officially starts on July 4th, Independence day. I'll definitely be watching what I can.


  1. Really cool way to map the route! Looking forward to the Andorra portion. As a young man (23 at the time) I cycled from Grenoble, France to Morocco and then from Madrid back to Grenoble via Salamanca and Andorra. That hill over the Pyrennees I will never forget. Took a half-day to get up the Spanish side, and about an hour to ride down the French side.

  2. wow Ian! I've done a few hills but nothing too tough, mostly just Switzerland.

  3. Isn't it neat (I know, old fashion term) that when you see something on tv you can remember being there?!

  4. The tour will be in Barcelona July 9-10. I already booked my place at the 8th floor (my husband's office, I will let them work, I will take pictures!!)

  5. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Too bad I'll be busy manning my own wedding during those days so I can't watch. But it looks definitely exciting!

  6. We have somthing in common here.
    Have been "crazy" about le TDF since 1967.

    We will √łeave Oslo by Car around July 22 and go down to Claudie who lives close to Toulose-
    Cat sitters are in place.

    We had a warm weekend up here in the North.
    Several photos blogged