Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Extended Holiday

Since Canada Day falls on a Wednesday this year, it just so worked out that I was able to have a long weekend.

Here are a few photos from a beautiful bike ride down to Willows Beach followed by a spectacular sunset that evening...

A crowded day at the beach.

A secluded spot.

I love the beautiful colors on the windows as the sun goes down over the horizon.

The beautiful evening colors.

What a spectacular view.

The photos were a little shakey, but you still get the point.


  1. I will never forget all the driftwood and logs along the beaches of Vancouver Island when we were there, Jen. It still amazes me. Glad you were able to get a long weekend!

  2. I am glad you got to enjoy a long weekend. It looks so relaxing there.

  3. Happy Canada Day! I'm so glad you're able to have a few days off to enjoy the weather. Victoria has such great beaches. I lived in an apartment in Oak Bay for a couple of semesters so I visited that beach often. :-)

  4. It is always great to have a little r&r, and on a beach it is even better! Plus when the weather is good that makes it 100% fantastic!!! I thought that the pictures looked great especially the secluded spot. Have a great rest of the week!!