Thursday, September 03, 2009

Change in the Weather

I'm seeing changes all around Victoria...

Here's a look at one change going on... rain again...

or black and white version...


  1. Latest pics have been really great, this no exception! I tried the selective colour thing and it worked out ok, yours is really nice!!!

  2. Love the black and white picture! Hope you had a great time with your parents :-)

    BTW, still havong problems leaving comments. Always have to try 2-3 times and from work, I can't comment at all! :-(

  3. The weather is really nice here in Ottawa, like it's finally summer. Weird year...

  4. Wonderful pic's.
    When talking about weather
    -- well it changed first week ogb July here.
    Since then absolutly unpredictable.
    Wet and chilly- No real Summer at all.

    But our visitto France and Montreux did the difference.

    Hope you are well

  5. Beautiful photos Jen!

    I see change in weather in Oslo, Norway too - get s sneaking felling of fall?