Friday, September 04, 2009

Shade of Orange

This weeks Theme is Orange
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It's been a hectic week with half of the move started. We are off to finish the second half this weekend, which will be the harder part of it all.

Didn't want to think of fall right away but here is a mosaic of shades of orange.

Wishing everyone a great holiday weekend. I think nearly everyone celebrates labour day weekend....


  1. Good luck with the move - hopefully you will have cool, clear weather.

  2. Those are all beautiful shots and perfect for the theme. Good luck with your move and happy weekend!

  3. Orange field of pumpkins, a sight I always anticipate with excitement each year. And you reminded me it's coming soon.

    Happy weekend.

  4. I would love to select a pumpkin from that field!
    Happy photo hunting.

  5. How did you manage to shoot the spider in such great shades of orange. I love it a lot. :)

  6. Oh lovely. I like bottom right best.

    Hope the rest of your move goes well.

  7. I love those orange hues. I hope the move goes well

  8. Pumpkins, now why didn't I think of that? Especially since Halloween is my favorite holiday of all..... Great choice!

    PS, I'm back on the hunt!

  9. Nice set of orange pics. Hope the move goes OK.

  10. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Nice set of pictures. I really like the spider pic because of the rich details.

  11. great shots of orange... I expected to see pumpkins.. but you thought of lots more...

  12. number three is the best

  13. Actually, many people celebrate Labor (Labour) Day on May 1 rather than this time of year! E.g., no holiday for moi! ;(

  14. I like your "oranges"
    all excellent photos.

    As we are still staying in our Summerhouse, the availabilty to photos and time to do explicite photos are very limited...

    As you might have seen from my blog, we have been more than usually busy the past 6 weeks.

    Take care

    T and A

  15. The spider picture was really cool looking as well as the other orange pictures. It is surprising when you pick a color what pictures you can find to go with it. I hope the rest of your move goes well.