Thursday, October 08, 2009

Autumn Colors

I know it's been forever since I've really posted lately. Been busy, been having fun on Facebook and mostly just not so into it here. We will be moving again into a larger place next month. Lots to do for preparation this time too..

Enjoy the photos.

Sunset in Victoria.

Empress Hotel - Fall Leaves.

And we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend too.


  1. love love love autumn colors!

  2. Autumn really is the best time of the year--the beautiful colours, the sun that is NOT unbearably hot, the crisp and clean chill air, my birthday--all contributing to a healthy body and a clear mind.

    As usual--an accurate eye, excellent photography! Well done.

  3. Love, love the leaves on the Empress Hotel. I love fall anyway. So you guys are moving again?! Well, get settled in for the fall/winter so you can come back and join us in blog land!!

  4. Wonderful autumn colours! I know you've seen mine from this weekend to Sweden too (on Flickr - thanks for your fave :-) but not sure if you've red my post about it?

  5. Lest I forget, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! If you have leftovers, hopefully I'm not too late. :)

  6. So jealous - autumn colors - aaaahhhhh! Today we are at 89 degrees - yuck.