Monday, October 12, 2009

The City Becomes Alive

Over the Thanksgiving Weekend we have some 20,000 extra visitors in town to run the Royal Victoria Marathon, half or 8km race. It's a lot of fun to watch and spectate no matter which part of the city you decide to get out and watch at.

This year I watched the end of the race and found a few people I knew at the finish. Here's the cutest video from the event. Lots of positive energy all around!

A caught the Cutest little boy dancing! He just walked up and started dancing to the song. I only wished that I reacted quicker and got more of the beginning of it.

A very international race!
(Notice all of the countries including Switzerland being represented.)

The little speed demons even get to race.

Look at all of the people!

I hope to see the great weather next year again!


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  2. I found this very interesting and very nice to be a virtual part of.
    Must have been a very positive experience;-))

  3. How great fun and what cute boy in the vid - thanks for sharing!

    Btw: I'm sorry I have not been around that much lately, but you know I have been working hard to find a way so that we could meet. Now it's official and planned hard for it: Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 - I do hope you can come and also encourage your other blog friends to participate too!

  4. So many people... amazing!

    I find Canadians are great runners, as well as Americans. Back in France, none of my friends ran (except to catch the bus!). But here, I know at least three people who run marathons.