Friday, October 30, 2009

The Torch Arrives in Victoria

It was an exciting moment today as the Olympic Torch Arrived in Victoria this morning. I snuck out for a few minutes to catch a glimpse.

More to come once the dust settles, we are moving today!Add Image


  1. I so much remember when it happened around in Norway. Last time was in 1994 you know :-)

    Good luck with your move and Happy Weekend too!

  2. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Good luck with the move!! Belated Happy Halloween btw!

  3. Great picture! We had the torch come through here for the 1996 summer olympics.
    Hope your move is going well. It always takes time to settle into a new place, but I'm sure you will be happy to have a bigger place now!
    Take Care!

  4. Great moment.
    It's snowing in Oslo this evening.
    Too early I think

  5. I remember so well all the Olympic souvenirs that were already in the shops everywhere when we visited you a few years ago, Jen. It's almost here. I do hope it is a great Olympics for the city! And do let us know how the move has gone. Soon it will be my turn! :)