Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feels a Bit Like Spring

Beauty for the Eyes - Just like Spring

 These were the gorgeous finds just outside my place today.
I know some areas of the world just got more snow, but we are sitting at a few degrees above our normal temps.  This is probably why the flowers have sprung up too.

They were glowing in the sunshine like spring flowers.  I'm a bit worried about them since they might not last long if an unsuspecting motored vehicle desides to step in their way..

Let's hope not!


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  2. Nice for you, E.T. Here it's the coldest fucking day of the entire winter (-10° at 7.00) and we got another 4" of snow. Looks like it's taking an eternity untill we can see flowers growing...

  3. Wooow, that is spring flowers! You are way ahead of us then! In Oslo, Norway today we had -15C and still a lot of snow!

  4. Crocus this time of year--
    that's to early.
    If lucky we have the in April here in Oslo area.

    we hope there will be snow for the winter olympics starting in only less than 2 weeks.

  5. That is downright early, ET! How is that possible???? I don't think of Vancouver Island being warm enough for that!

  6. Lucky you!

    If we have some flowers, they are deep under the snow :-D

  7. I have seen crocus in February before here. Of course we are in the south, no snow, just super cold rain. If you think a car is going to run them over, dig them up!!! Those are hardy bulbs, and you can enjoy them next year! Can you tell I'm bad about that! When a place is being torn down we are always there seeing what can be salvaged!
    Take Care!!

  8. Perfect 'spring' photograph! Let's hope they survive. As a fellow traveler I have enjoyed visiting your blog.