Friday, April 02, 2010

A Windy Good Friday

The wind woke me up this morning, howling and rattling the windows. Living on a large island some times has its quarks, like not as much protection from the winds. It's not all that bad, mostly 50 to 80km an hour winds, nothing too destructive. I just feel sorry for the people having to take a ferry ride today!

Blowin In The Wind

This is what it looks like outside today.
Maybe I'll process a few photos or brave the outdoors for a few pics. Happy Good Friday.


  1. Interesting that you call it Good Friday. I mean if you think religiously, I guess this day wasn't specially good 2010 years ago?

    In Norway we call it Long Friday.

    Anyway; Happy Easter Holidays to you and P. :-)

  2. Happy Good Friday!

    So no cycling today?

  3. I guess it must be a windy place by the ocean. Interesting way to capture the wind in picture!

  4. Renny has a point, of course. I wonder when it was first called "Good" Friday?

  5. I was one of those lucky people on the ferry that day. The crew said it was getting really "natucial" out there and it was. Very exciting.

  6. Hmm. That was nautical not "natucial". Jeez.