Monday, May 31, 2010

A Monday Laugh

This video was way too good to pass up. Enjoy a laugh. :-)


  1. Incredible,
    you know well we have Cats, and hhehehe, they are very much alike some humans.
    By the way, Cats have more common Genes to Humans than Dogs. And a Cat's brain is very similar to Apes and human beeings. Chocking facts?
    For me not.

    btw. We have had some Sunny Days - 20-23C.
    Anna's end of School year - she have to stay in our Winterhome for some days, next week is my turn. But I'll meet Renny two evenings next week.

    Hope you are well;))

  2. Gave me a good laugh, even on a Friday ;-)

  3. Too bad the video is no longer available...due to a copyright claim??? :(

  4. Ha ha... It's just the beer misssing!!!! *giggles*

  5. Too cute!! Wonder what he/she had to drink?!!!