Sunday, January 09, 2011

What I've Been Doing

Thinking or trying to prepare for our new arrival come March 1st.

It's been forever since my last post.  It seems that I only find the energy to do so when I get my Monday off every two weeks from work.  Over the past month, our 5th anniversary zoomed by, Christmas, New Years and now my 35th Birthday this coming week..  Time is just flying by really.

We had a very relaxing Christmas here at home with just 3 or 4 if you count the little one inside me.  P and I did get 5 days off from work as a result of Christmas landing on the weekend.  I know I'm so lucky compared to some people who didn't get extra days off.  It was definitely needed as I mostly just lounged around trying to get my energy levels back up.

I've had a fairly rough pregnancy for the most part.  I seem to get sick about 1 to 2 times per week, ie not keeping down my food.  It's not so fun when it lasts for 5 months!  Oddities is that I'm at more risk to get sick in the morning but have found I'm feeling more sick at night.  This could also be a result of having very low iron.  Yup that baby is enjoying a lot of great food apparently.

So we only have 7 weeks left until this little one is preparing to come out.  Time is definitely flying.  I only have about 3 more weeks left of work, and then I'm taking 2 weeks of vacation before I start my official leave for a year.

We haven't done enough to get prepared, but really I'm not that worried.  So far we have a dresser, have a car seat sitting in the box, mattress and crib and have gotten lots of great clothes from friends.

Since I've been on lower energy, I have been bad about making an effort to take photos or post them.  Yup, that's what happens when your energy is zapped.   I've made about 2 other photo hunts outdoors in the last month but no more than that.  We did make our way up Island to Comox and I enjoyed every minute of the ride, especially seeing all of the snow and icicles.

I think the family is also getting excited about our new arrival. Called my brother uncle for the first time and my mom is already busy shopping for stuff related to grandma and grandpa.

Here's another pic taken on Christmas day.  Baby is all inside and not popping out much.


  1. Awww, sounds like it's been tough! Hope the remaining weeks settle down a bit and you feel a bit more rested. Take it easy!

  2. Oh dear,
    I'm just a man - but have followed very close what you are just now experiencing:
    You know, in the 1960/70'ies, we were younger -so all my 4 kids were born when I was 32 1/2 years young;-)
    My daughter, Ingelin, as well told me about the same challenges you have (she is born in -77 and got her Son in October 2009)), so it's just normal what you are now experiences.
    But, as said, I'm just a man, and have really no really idea what pregnancy means and feels.
    Easy for men, right, but thruth.

    We think about you and P and wish you the very best.

    btw. We will cross the Pond in July. Depending of Catsitters we want to revisit Vancouver. We will come back to that

  3. Good luck and enjoy the last bit of time you have pre-baby! And good luck!

    Also, do not think you have to buy everything right now. Babies actually need very little stuff. You've already got pretty much everything you need to have! Wait until the baby is born and you discover a need. Otherwise you'll end up with lots of stuff that you never use.

  4. Oh wow I remember those days, but it was worth it! I hope that you have a good birthday this week; mine was the day you posted this so we are both January babies! The next few weeks will pass by so fast, and then you will have that lovely bundle to hold on to instead of just holding your belly! Now I'm off to do some more blog reading as I am so far behind once again.
    Take Care,

  5. I've been quietly keeping track of you, you look great.Since first babies are generally late maybe he/she will be born on my b-day, March 14th, just saying... Bye the way, women who have lots of morning sickness have more intelligent babies, it's a fact...ciao

  6. Hang in - the sickness is no fun, I know! Rest up those two weeks before your new arrival. You look great and you're not far from the end now :)