Monday, May 16, 2011

2 months old

Time is flying by as I thought it was just yesterday that we were taking miss Cameron's 1 month photos. She was barely fitting into her 1 month old clothing. Now at two months, she has grown like a weed. Not only has she grown out of those one month old clothes but she is nearly growing out of all of her up to 3 month clothing as well.

I don't want to see my sweet little darling get bigger as she is so cute while she is so small. However, it is super exciting to see her growth changes. She has really started talking to us. She definitely does this when she enjoys what she is doing. She also smiles after waking up, especially in the morning and after her naps. Currently she is in love with her toy box mobile as well as her swing, plus some good daddy time.

She also learned out to doll from her tummy onto her back for the first time. I'm not sure this is a pattern, but she did it for sure, 2 times. She weighed in at 12lbs 12 oz's at her 8 wks shots with 23.5 length.

Here are a few cute shots from yesterday. Time is just flying way too fast! But I am enjoying it.

Having cuddles with Grandmama Claudette.
For some reason blogger distorted this shot. Her shirt says happy, very fitting!

Just before her bath

Bath time

Talking away

She belongs in the middle in every way. Only girl, born in the middle exactly.

The last shot was her reunion for our prenatal class. Ironically all of the babies are boys. She was surrounded in the middle and ironcially born in the middle date to all of them.


  1. She is precious! And I love the last picture, I have one just like it of my son with my prenatal class - and then one of them at 2 years old, so different!

  2. That bath time look says it all! She is so adorable, and I enjoy looking at all of her photos. It would have been so nice to have had the internet when mine was little so everyone could have watched her progress. Now she is 26 years old! Time flies so enjoy every precious moment! The last pic is probably giving you a clue as to when she is old, surrounded by boys!
    Take Care & give that little one a hug for me!

  3. The last baby shot would be a great screensaver! They all look so serious :-D

    Babies grow up fast... I saw my friend's baby recently and I asked her how she "supersized" him :-) I took pictures of him at birth and he is now 6 months... what a difference!

  4. I totally love the picture on the couch - surrounded by boys. Will it stay like this (well, have fun!)?
    They are so cute at this age (and you will say this at any age, at least I said that - the cuteness kind of looses a bit when they hit their pre-teens and then teens, but they're still wonderful) - I'm glad that you enjoy it! Go on doing it!

  5. Don't you love it when she holds a finger like that! Ohhhh, so sweet. G'ma surely did not want to let her go. That last photo with the other babies is just adorable. So funny that she's the only girl. Lucky for her. :) THANK YOU for showing us new images. Keep them up. :)

  6. She is simply adorable!! love the group photo ;)

  7. She 's a cutie. Congrats to the new parents. It goes by so fast. I started taking of photo of our son everyday, from the day he was born. He's 7 now. I have missed a day or two here and there, but we still get most days. Now he reminds me to take a shot. I'm not sure what happened to 7 years.

    People really have no concept of time, until they have a child.

    Best of luck.