Wednesday, June 01, 2011

New News

So it's June 1st already and time is just flying by.  Happy first start of that summer season.  Here in Victoria it certainly doesn't feel that way at all.  We have had cooler than normal weather with more than average rainfall during the month of May.  Wasn't it supposed to be April showers bring May flowers?  The flowers are still here but the cooler weather has stayed!  I remember right before giving birth, the weather was virtually the same..

So the newest news is that we have finally moved!  Yay for us.  Cammie gets to have her own room finally as P and I have been living a very minimalistic lifestyle previously and were living in very cramped quarters for the most part. 

To top it off, we have enough room for visitors.  And when we told family we had enough room, well we really got what we welcomed.  Everyone is coming to visit us!  So on top of trying to unpack this week, we are getting ready for the family to show up.  Cammie will be so thrilled to have attention every moment of the day!  So for the next week and a half, both sides of the family will get to enjoy her.  Hopefully I can upload a few great photos of Cam and I on here since I will have more people taking photos.

And then the next month, we get special visitors from Norway.  Never a dull moment in this house right now.  To top it off, I'm pretty sure I am getting close to claiming my Canadian Citizenship.  Yup, that's right.  I gotta get on that studying every now and again soon!  Quite possibly I could be one in another month?  Who knows...

Here are some of the photos of little Cam over the past 2 wks.  She has grown so much in that time!  She learned how to laugh, has been able to accept tummy time and overall is trying to talk much more.
Daddy and Cam being silly

Her smile that lights up the world!

Getting on her tummy!

Back from a walk, and looking outside.

Trying to pose for a pic.

Visiting our friends grandson George. They are 6 days apart.

Yay - Tummy time is getting easier for me!
So hopefully next post we will have lots of fun photos to post of life around Victoria as I try to play tourist to my brother and welcome Cammie's grandparents spoiling her on their visit.


  1. It's been a very very rainy May here as well. The weather is unpredictable... it was cool over the weekend and really grey, and yesterday it was 37 degrees! Vive le Canada :-)

    She is growing up fast but she still looks cute :-)

  2. Great family photos. Cute and beautiful daughter you have.

    And ... new this year, dare I reword "April showers bring May flowers" to the unfortunate "May dismay brings June ruin."

  3. That is great that you have a new place and Cammie will now have her own room. Plus room for company....she will be spoiled rotten! That's the good thing, lots of love! I swear, Cammie is getting prettier with every picture you post. Beautiful little girl. Hope you have a fun time with your company!
    Take Care,

  4. Love the tummy time photo!

  5. Gotta LOVE Daddy and his little girl! And what a little sweetie-pie! I would steeze the squffings outta of her if I were one of your visitors. :)

  6. Congrats on the new house and the impending citizenship!