Monday, June 13, 2011

Going Through Visitor Withdrawls

Last week was a busy and very fun week.  We had many first time visitors in our new house.  I think Cam has so much fun and same with me as I know I'm going through withdrawls.  There isn't really anything I can do to make this house seem full of other people all of the time.

Our visitors just 4 days after moving into our house were my parents, or Cam's grandparents.  If you didn't think that was enough people for us to enjoy we also sent out Patrick's mother and by brother and sister in law to stay the week as well.

We had lots of walks, lots of fun talking time, and a few dinners.  Most of all, I really got to relax and let everyone else hold Cam and entertain her.  It was definitely a fun week with a few funny hitches (like the fridge and air vent dying.)

Here are a few photos from our busy week.  The part I loved the most was Grandpa and Grandma entertaining Cam in the early morning hours along with taking her on some walks and proudly displaying her.

Grandma's first day back and they were talking up a storm together with tummy time!

Grandma and Cam - She hurt her eye that day.  :(

Mommy and Grandpa making sure Cam is okay.

Cam happy as a clam in her new stroller.

Grandpa pushing Cam for a walk.

Enjoying the view on a walk in the inner harbor.

Morning play with Grandpa and Grandma

Grandpa and Cam having fun!

Daddy and Cam up to something!

Grandma Claudette enjoying Cam time!

Aunty Marci and Cam coordinated in purple.

Enjoying her time with Grandma

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Marci visit for the first time in Canada.

Aunt Marci and Cam

Grandma gave me a bath, but I'm cold!

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Marci took me to Butchart.

Grandpa enjoying the sunshine on the water.

Mommy and Cam waking up.

Grandma's (yup as in 2 of them) giving Cam a bath.

Grandpa and Cam playing.

Cam and Aunt Marci having a cuddle.

Uncle Jeff and Cam bonding.

Mommy and Cam posing for the camera.

Cam and Grandma resting.

Grandma Claudette enjoying her time with Cam.

Grandma and Grandpa saying bye to Cam.  They loved their visit!

P, Cam and Mommy

Mommy and Cam in her first dress.

So you see I was barely holding our sweet little girl for the entire visit.  Lots of photos and lots of fun memories!


  1. Cam sure is a pretty little thing! I'm sure all grandparents, aunts & uncles enjoyed time with spoiled her rotten! I still have my daughter's first dress. It is the one that I brought her home from the hospital in. Believe me, one day you will look at that dress and think was she really that tiny?! Glad you had a great visit will all of your relatives.
    Take Care,

  2. To see the grandparents eating Cam up like this brings back so many memories for me, Jen. There's nothing like the first grandchild...and in my case, the only grandchild! Watch her grow with them. They will want to see her as often as possible, and I do hope that will happen for all of them.

    Sometimes I get tears in my eyes thinking about not seeing Nicholas as often as I want. But I saw him more in his first years than my parents saw my kids in their entire lifetime. So in that regard, I'm blessed with happy memories. Eat them all up!

  3. Adorable baby!!!!
    I am sure that the grandparents had a wonderful time :)

  4. The grand-parents look so young! That's cool.

  5. Such a cutie!!! How nice to have so many visitors but it is always so empty afterwards. Looks like it was a great visit.