Monday, June 20, 2011

What Three Months

Believe it or not, Cam turned 3 months old on June 16th.  Time is just flying by!  She's really starting to grow in every way.  Her sleep or lack thereof is showing for that.  Just when we were enjoying nearly full nights of sleep she changed it all up for us.  Now we aren't really getting much sleep at all.  I'm hoping now that the move, and the visitors have left that things will get back into a normal routine.

For now, we are trying to enjoy our walks in our new stroller down on the water since we live just a 5 minute stroll away.  Talk about paradise for momma!  I must remind myself to get out and take photos of the beauty!

It's hard not to kiss those cheeks!
Now back to more organizing on the unpacking...


  1. Aw, they grow up fast, don't they! Three months... went by in a blink of an eye, no?

  2. Yes, I want to pinch those cheeks! BTW, don't let her 'control' you at night. If you know she can and has slept through the night, there's nothing wrong with her. You may need to let her cry so that she doesn't think you will come every time she wakes up. Our pediatrician helped us with this when my kids were small. I didn't think I would ever get any sleep again. It was hard the first two nights but by the 3rd night, Amy got the message! :)