Friday, June 22, 2012

Whale Watching in Victoria

I'm nearly a full month late on this post, but better late than never! Just one week after our mini island vacation, we got to go out do some whale watching and be out on the water to see the annual Swiftsure 2012 International Yacht Race. I was very excited P's work was having it's annual gathering and doing something together.  The biggest issue was that we were so busy beforehand that I really didn't have much time to prepare.  That meant I wasn't prepared enough with charged batteries.  Ugh!

The Whale watching company we used was called 5 Star Whale Watching, which took us out on a very stable catamaran with an upper deck and front and back deck for viewing.  We were able to spot some transient orcas, a minke whale, another whale, Sealions, Seals, a Bald Eagle and more orcas.    The highlight was definitely being able to watch the Swiftsure yacht race on a warm sunny day.

View Exiting the Harbor

Swiftsure waiting for some wind to get moving

P and I  staying warm while going fast on the water.

We got close to some of the Orca's

 I did learn that it's hard to photograph and zoom in with dead batteries.  All in all, it was a great trip even without that much of my camera.

Here's a bit of video not from our tour or from me but it's still interesting from whale watching.


  1. It's really a wonderful experience, Jen, to watch the whales and orcas. Did yopu see one breach? I did but it was before I had a long lens to really capture it well. But I still remember it as though it were yesterday. So gald you had the chance to get out!

  2. That is so cool! I've always wanted to see whales. I've seen dolphins but no whales so far, I think you have to be at the right place at the right time.

    If you don't mind me saying, you look great in the pic! Looks like you lost weight...? Not that you were fat before, just had to mention you looked good ;-)

  3. Fascinating!! what great shots and what a wonderful experience.

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  5. Totally cool! I have been wanting to do that when we visit hubby's family in Connecticut. They have some tours going on, but for us there never seems to be enough time. One day!
    Take Care!