Thursday, July 18, 2013

Working to Live or Living to Work

These days I seem to be a bit too drained to be posting and blogging. I know I miss posting about Cam's growth, my foods that I've been enjoying and the little travels we've been taking on Vancouver Island.   I'm a bit sad about that because I love the blogging community and friends along the way I've met through this.  It seems I've been working in order to pay the bills and not too much else.

Some ten plus years ago now I had quit my job so that I would work to live so that I could do what I wanted to enjoy life.  I was on my way to living to work and loved living in Switzerland.

The question I ask myself daily is "Why wait to do what you enjoy tomorrow, and are you really doing what you want to be doing now?  I definitely want to find a better balance so that I'm working to live, and taking time for vacation again.

I know I'd like to try and catch up a bit on blogging and doing small reports again so that is what I will start doing to getting back into doing what I enjoy.

So my question for you to ponder is What do you want to do today, so that you will have no regrets tomorrow?  What is it that makes you tick, that you enjoy?  For me, that's always traveling, photographing and being in Europe...  For travels I know I want to be traveling and seeing Vancouver Island. I think I'd like to also write a few books, soon.  It's so beautiful on Vancouver Island and there is so much to see and offer.  I know I'm lucky to live here, especially with great ocean views and a walkway only 3 blocks from our house.


  1. Good to see you post again! Life does get busy, especially with kids! I'm still finding my balance too, as you say, it is important to find ways to break away from the everyday, sooner than later, before the body and mind start to ask for the action themselves. I am still trying to find my organizational skills again and book more little camping trips earlier on in the year, so that we have that all planned and set in the callendar before the campsites fill up! I find that it really doesn't take much to ease off of the everyday, for us - little full-day getaways to a lake or quick camping trips during the sunny months do wonders. Hard to plan big holidays between work and a little kiddo, that's for sure, so little trips do it for us just fine.
    Hope to see you here more often, always love to read your stories!

  2. Ola you are so sweet! Yes I'll try to catch up a bit but you are right about baby steps. And also just getting out for a day is great. We still want to venture back to Vancouver for a weekend or so but it's so expensive just to leave the island!