Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hair Day Shower

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I needed to wash my hair today and was planning on taking a shower, but my little one had other plans for me. She immediately put on her rain boots and got out her bucket full of sand toys.  I was told I needed to take a bath mommy so that she could go in there with me and monitor the situation.  Well her exact words were so I could go too.  She secretly wanted to play with water!

I complied with her wishes this time, but boy does it take longer to wash your own long hair when trying to do it sitting down.  Now when I see all of those expats where there is no shower in their flat where they live in Europe, I will really feel for them too.  It's not easy washing your hair in a bath tub!

It was definitely so cute to see my little gal in the bathroom telling me to use her shovel and then she proceeded to tell me to keep on playing mommy and to use this toy or that toy.  She would go out every so often and get more toys for me to play with in the tub.  Of course I was more busy washing my hair and scrubbing to bother with the playing part, but it was a cute way to keep her busy while I tried to shower in a tub..

In the end it was a win win situation.  I got my hair washed, and she got time to play outside of the tub with water and her rain boots on.  I was impressed, no water mess and good listening skills. She is now 2.4 years old and going on 4 I think!

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