Friday, August 09, 2013

The Grandparents Visit

I didn't count how many months it's been since my parents last visit, but I do know it has been nearly a year.  Time sure flies by too fast.  Luckily with today's technology, we are able to video chat with the grandparents daily.  I definitely love that.

My parents finally came up to Canada to play and relax with their grand daughter. She's a little busy bee and loves to be active.  We did a lot in the 2 plus weeks that they shared with us.  Most days consisted of waking up by 6am, going out for a morning walk, coming back to play in a park, eating lunch or taking a nap for a few hours, going out again for another play at a park, dinner then going outside for a walk or a park play again..  Yup Cam is one active gal!

Here are a few pics from the visit.

Cam playing at her favorite park

Waiting to get into the car, confused face I think!

Checking out the kitchen of our rental house
We got to visit Parksville for a few days, enjoyed the low tides, sand dollars and the little things a small town has to offer.  It was relaxing without fast food, and without shopping.  And that's exactly what a vacation should be like.

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