Friday, August 26, 2005

Hiking to Mountain Huts

Switzerland is famous for hiking. While hiking in Switzerland, it's especially nice to know you can go for just more than a day hike and stay in one of the many Mountain Inns provided throughout the terrain of Switzerland. Mountain huts are what hikers use to stop, rest and sleep along the way on their adventures.

Of course a lack of modern conveniences and the remoteness of the mountain huts would seem to be two of the keys to success of Switzerland's highest hotels - and the views are not half bad either. One great example is just a climb away in Zermatt at the Trift mountain inn. However, the Inn here is so popular that finding a bed is not so simple. Reservations ahead of time of course will help ease these fears.

Switzerland's Mountain Inns is a definitive guide to the mountain inns of Switzerland. It specifically details "Berghotels": how to reach them, what to expect, what to bring, and day hikes in detail for each of the 66 Berghotels described, in every region of the country of Switzerland. It's also a great guide on where to hike and definitely a great pay off in my collection. I highly recommend it for the avid hiker.

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