Friday, September 09, 2005

Aktion by Denner Over Pick Pay

If you have ever been in Switzerland long enough, I am sure you have walked into a Pick Pay or a Denner before to compare discount (Aktion) prices. Denner is set to buy out Pick Pay upon approval. This is ahead of the anticipation that German stores Aldi and Lidl will be coming into the Swiss Market.

Even though I've never come across the chain anywhere other than Germany, Aldi is actually in many US, and British cities. The takeover will more than likely have a benefit from Migros, which does not stock tobacco or alcohol products, and could be bad news for Coop. I personally think you buy certain items at both of these stores because they stock them and do not shop each store because of the money you save.

What does Migros have? Well they have some excellent teas and chocolate marzipan which I totally miss. I'm also a personal fan of their Bio products.

Coop has a fair share of some good wines and different yogurts which I adore. Coop is also known for its shops of electronic store Interdiscount and Import Parfumerie

My personal favorite is this well known Bar in Biel/Bienne which was made out of an old Coop and they named it Pooc....

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