Saturday, September 17, 2005

US Postpones Biometric Passports

The US has given Swiss authorities the go ahead of extending the deadline by an entire year to start the high tech Biometric passports until October 26, 2006. What makes you scratch your head a bit is the fact that any conventional passport which has been issued up until that date will be good for the 10 year span.

My thought is why does everyone but the US and Canada get special treatment and do not have to use the biometric passport, which by the way costs more than double any way you look at it.

A. Buy a conventional passport and pay SFr120 which is valid for 10 years
B. Buy the new biometric passport and pay SFr250 which is valid for 5 years.

My thoughts, why should I even visit the US if I have to pay so much just to get into the damn country. On top of that, I have to be treated specially and have to have a digital picture and fingerprints just like criminals do. It does have a considerable impact on society. I just wonder where all of this is headed. How much privacy will we have? OR better yet how much privacy are we going to give up because the US government wants us to.....

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