Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's Laundry Day

It's laundry day for P because he's got enough time to do it. The poor guy worked an incredibly hard shift at work this week which made for no time to see him. I just wish we lived closer together so that I could sneak in a few of his loads while he is working and surprise him.

We have to stick around the apartment while all 4 loads get done. It's beautiful outside and what do we opt to do? I managed to talk him out of going running and instead we went off grocery shopping. Fun stuff.

Now the sun is glaring inside, I'm sitting here nearly sweating. But I did get to catch up on more reading and lots of thinking. We still haven't moved in together yet and we only have 2 more weeks until the wedding. I'm wondering what it will be like in our new apartment. I sure hope laundry will be easier to do. At least I'm thankful it doesn't take 3 times as long as it took me when I lived in Switzerland. That was a total drag.

I just sit back and giggle as he separates all of the loads perfectly. I on the other hand want to maximize my outdoor time and try to get one more load of clothes into that washer when I can. Really I can't complain because he was taught so well how to do laundry and certainly beats me hands down with his good habits. He's really the perfect house husband. I'd rather call him "the house wife" but he takes offense to that and wants to be called a house husband.

I'm really lucky to have someone so incredibly gifted. He's self sufficient in many ways, especially when it comes to cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. It will be nice to help him out from time to time because he never asks for help. I just want him to sit and smile too. **

** Side note - It will probably take him a few days before reading, but I know P will read my entry eventually.

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