Friday, December 16, 2005


I opened up my personal email box to see 10 wonderful emails from friends. It was so nice to read all of the emails in response to our wedding photos but of course the one love stuck out in my mind.

The email I loved the most was a set of photos sent from my Swiss family that I lived with for 1.5 years in Montreux. Little Max is now 5 years old and a big boy. I spent every day with him when he was age two to three. It's a pleasure to still know that I'm his "ifer". That's what he used to call me because he couldn't totally pronounce "Jen" and it was how his father said my name. Now if you could only hear it on audio, you would think it was just that cute.

He'd walk down to the basement yelling "IIFERRR", "IIFERRR" (with a French accent as "EEFAIR" and a rolling R) at the top of his lungs. It was so cute every time because he just wanted to say hello and smile. I guess I've had enough impact on him to remember me two years later.

I missed this family dearly when we visited Switzerland this summer because they were more than likely in Korea where Dad was working. The best news is that they are going to be back in Europe to live. So if our adventures take us to Europe, I want to visit them!

Now that the week is almost ending, I'm excited to get more into the Christmas spirit. But more importantly just to walk and spend time with P as our first week as newly weds approaches. I really haven't said all too much about the wedding and I know a lot of people were asking so I might as well try to say a bit.

Our wedding was incredible and completely in the festive Christmas spirit. Besides nervously waiting for our wedding commissioner to arrive at her stated time, the wedding itself went perfectly. She was wonderful too. We had a few younger kids there and they all found playmates. Everyone was so entertained and told me they loved it more than a church since they could walk around and visit the indoor garden. The wedding itself I imagine lasted about 5 minutes in all. Just perfect! Charlie the bird was a hit with everyone.

Most of the wedding was completely non-traditional. We had a dinner which followed the ceremony. Since we were combining some Canadian traditions with American, it was all new for all of us. All I know is that Canadians love tapping their glasses and making us kiss every other second. The dinner was excellent and the food, especially the appetizers were outstanding. I just look back at the last wedding I went to in Switzerland. It was a long day.

Since my parent's wedding anniversary is on the 18th, I've got to quickly figure out some good pictures to put together for them. The only bad thing which we were sad about was my cousins car window got broken into. They couldn't steal the car because it had the safety chip inside but still it was a sad thing.

I'm off to enjoy the blue skies above.

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