Thursday, April 13, 2006

Five Centime Coin Stays

I'm not sure if you've been hearing about the debate on whether or not to keep the one and five centimes coins in circulation in Switzerland, but a decision was finally made this week on what to do. Many have been wanting to take the coins out of circulation just because they aren't used all too much anymore.

After much deliberation, it was decided the one centime was only used for symbolic reasons and therefore could be taken out of circulation, while the five was still used. But there are a few odd facts about the coin that I would have never known.
  1. Did you know the current five-centime coin was introduced in 1981 and has a golden finish.
  2. There are an estimated 785 million five-centime coins in circulation. (None of which are in our household.)
  3. One in five Swiss coins in circulation is a five-centime piece. (Although I don't have too many Swiss coins currently, the smallest coin I had was a 10 centime coin. So I guess I'm not those one in five.)
  4. The one-centime coin has a weight of 1.5 g, while the five-centime coin is slightly heavier at 1.8 g. I'm also willing to guess the 10 and 50 centimes coins are lighter in weight.
So if you're wondering when that little 5 centime coin might be scraped, you'll have to wait until the coin is up for debate once again.

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