Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

I'm not a big movie watcher or a movie buff, but from time to time my ears perk up and I get interested in a certain flick. P mentioned something to me a few days ago and it sort of caught my eye. Trust me that is pretty hard to do since I'd rather be outdoors taking photos or just doing something outside.

You see, there's a movie coming out this summer that seems interesting enough to promote to everyone because potentially much of this movie could be true. The topic is on global warming and the movie which comes out in North America by June 2nd is called An inconvenient Truth.

They tout the movie with a wonderful trailer and claim it to be "the most terrifying movie of the summer. You owe it to the planet to see the truth. Pledge to see An Inconvenient Truth opening weekend." Since we really haven't seen a movie since before we were married, I'm guessing it's time to get out and enjoy the air conditioning on a hot day. If it were viewing in IMAX all the better since Vancouver is a hot spot for that. All in all, the trailer catches my eye enough to want to see a decent movie.

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