Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Photo Of The Day

A restaurant review: The Cafe, which is located at the edge of Lausanne's old town, is surrounded by a beautiful park and buildings with ample character. We chose the cafe/brasserie because it was out of the main tourist areas and the menu looked rather appealing. We even chose a spot just outside at a window under the green awning. I remember this spot because I had the most incredible tasting pork ever (tranche de porc panee), with a great bottle of wine too.

We were both a bit shy about taking photos but I mentioned to P after that I wanted to at least photograph the sign which was appealing to me. Now I look back and am so glad I did because I love the surrounding buildings too. Be sure to click on the Cafe link because you can see the look of the restaurant by an artists drawing.

Overall, I'd give it a good thumbs up not because it was a classy restaurant but because the service was wonderful, good food, quick service and a very good price for a sit down restaurant in Lausanne. It was probably my second favorite restaurant of the trip to Switzerland last August.

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