Saturday, July 08, 2006

Photo Hunt Before Vacation

Now For Saturday's Photo Hunt 16 - Theme Signs

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Here are some of the strange signs that I've come across in my travels. I really found the cutest sign, it's located at Starbucks close to our place and well I didn't have my camera. So these signs will have to do in its place...

And while we are at it. This will be my last post until another week because P and I are on vacation! Yeah!!! We might have a guest post or two while we are gone. I guess that will be a surprise too since I don't think I'll be checking the Internet at all.

Oops, I couldn't resist being a bit nostalgic. Here are some signs with me in them from January 2002 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Somewhere near the UN


Goodbye from Lenzerheide, Switzerland.

And I'll leave you with one last strange sign...

Welcome Sign

Goodbye Vancouver, we'll be away enjoying our short vacation...

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