Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gone Crazy

Too many things are going crazy here.

1. I tried to sign into blogger earlier but it was giving me a lot of trouble. Told me I needed a Google account. I have one, still didn't work after following the exact instructions as told... Google you're not doing a good job!

Also people have told me my site is all messed up. Please also tell me what you are viewing me from (firefox or IE) please.

2. A Big Storm coming in this afternoon. I guess trees are already down in Langley.
The storm is supposed to following with some snow. Yuck!

3. The first ever Canadian Sextuplets were born over the weekend by a Canadian woman in Vancouver this weekend. At any rate, this is quite rare no matter how you look at it.

4. BC place is ripped apart and apparently everyone in the world knows about it. More later on that. From television reports, this was a hoot to watch. However, they started saying the B.C. government could end up paying the bill as the stadium is owned by the provincial government, which is not a hoot.

5. Stanley Park keeps getting hit. More to come there too. The BC Park Board is actually trying to get aid from Ottawa. People on the radio keep reporting that visiting Stanley Park is a must see in person because the apparent amount of damage from fallen trees.


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